Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another Weekly Round-Up!

This week was busy... Between end of the school year activities for Tyler, a memorial service for Corky, and my wedding anniversary, I knew finding some studio time was going to be a challenge.  But, I was determined to stay on track with the index card a day(icad 2013) and doodle a day challenges.

So, armed with a stack of index cards and a couple of ballpoint pens (black and red), I created the following quickies on the fly...

But, wait!  Before you look at this week's doodles, I feel I should issue a warning of sorts.  Based on the frequency of Bob's eye-rolling and 
"oh boy"s as he looked at my cards, I feel I may have really pushed the limits of pun-making.

Okay, you've been warned...

icad #8 
doodle a day june: "activity" 
(baseball bat)

icad #9
doodle a day june: "city"
(traffic jam)

icad #10
doodle a day june: "garden"

icad #11
doodle a day june: "your home"

icad #12
doodle a day june: "furniture"
(toad stool)

icad #13
doodle a day june: "era"
(the 80's - Mr. Tea)

icad #14
doodle a day june: "planet"

Be sure to stop by Daisy Yellow's blog to check out the other index cards.  And, you can get ello lovey's doodle a day prompt list here.


  1. OK Hello!! LOVE them all but Mr. T - he is da bomb!! Your sense of humor cracks me up!

  2. love them all. congrats on keeping up this week...with all the other things going on. sounds like you've been very, very busy!!

  3. sweet doodles! And Happy Anniversary Kristin!

  4. You always give me a smile to start the day, and these are so funny. For some reason I like the Traffic Jam best. Noe I'll go and make some toast and see what Mama laid to put on it.
    Happy anniversary - how many years this time?

  5. loving your quirky drawings, Kristin. Annette x

  6. I really enjoyed your funny take on the doodles! I am a bit late, but I feel inspired to do the doodle a day prompts! Maybe I will try it too because I liked yours a lot.

  7. You are so clever clever clever!!! I grinned at each one of these. They seem so simple but not just anyone could make the phonic connections, let alone the artistic translation!

    Somehow I didn't know about corky . I was sorry to hear that :-(


  8. How far is too far? I think these are all fabulous. I hope you had a great anniversary, and you fins more space this week.

  9. you know me - I never get tired of your puns! (Mr. Tea - hahahahahaha!)

  10. Thank you for these! You made me laugh out loud over my morning coffee.

  11. I love the Mr tea one... and two lips... had me giggling... I am so going to plant two lips this year... Phantom liked traffic jam... and must say I think you have plenty of puns left in you... forget the eye rolling what do they know... a consider it a good day when i get a minimum of three of them... anything less than that and I haven't worked hard enough...xx

  12. I rolled my eyes with delight!!

    HA! two lips!!


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