Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 1


It's the beginning of Daisy Yellow's Index Card A Day and
Wheee! I'm so excited!!!

I am going to try and post daily, but just in case my daily doodlings don't make it to the blog everyday, I'll also be sharing my index card creations on instagram and facebook.

Are you playing along?


  1. Yes I am playing, at least with ICAD and Summer of Colour.

    How I love your snail!! He is so freaking adorable. Love the paint palette! :) I also really like the rainbow writing.

  2. So cute---I adore this little snail! I'm playing too! Yay!

  3. I'm also playing with ICAD and SoC :) I love your snail and his rainbow coloured trail.

    My PC has been spring cleaned and is all speedy now so I can catch up with my blog reading. (And hopefully tutorial try outs!)

  4. Adorable,magical and fun! LOVE IT!

  5. Why don't all snails look like this??!!!
    Adorable - Happy you are drawing on the blank sides of the index cards!

  6. I love it! And yes I'm playing along too!

  7. I love it! And yes I'm playing along too!

  8. Fun way to make snail slime seem not so bad.

  9. I always love your whimsical approach to a topic and this one is such an unusual take on Colour with the palette and the colour trail.

  10. Love this image . . oh that the snail trails I have seen were so colorful!!


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