Saturday, June 8, 2013

Weekly Round-Up!

I have been having so much fun playing along with Daisy Yellow's Index Card A Day (icad 2013), and Ello Lovey's Doodle A Day June.

It seems that these prompts have brought out my silly side.  And, my dear friend Tracey has issued me another challenge of sorts... She says that if I'm able to complete 61 of these punny cards, I will truly be the "Queen of Puns".  Well, since I love puns, cliches, jokes, riddles, and basically all things ridiculous... And, since I have a hard time backing down from a dare... I say,
"Challenge Accepted!" (Get my crown ready, Tracey!)

In case you missed any of this past week's index cards, here is a "round-up":

(An elephant (with a trunk), wearing swim trunks, carrying... A trunk!)

If you want regular index card updates, please be sure to visit me on instagram or on facebook.  Daily blog updates are seeming more and more unlikely (especially since I'm planning on participating in The Summer of Color at the Twinkle Twinkle blog).

Please stop by Daisy Yellow's to see what other artists have been creating for Index Card A Day 2013.  And, to get the Doodle A Day June prompt list head over to Ello Lovey's blog.

Stay tuned - there's lots of summertime silliness in store!


  1. These are so fun! My favorite is Monkey Business though the others are adorable too, lil Sunglasses.

  2. I'm delighted to hear you're going to be extra punny for the next !61! days. I really look forward to watching you draw your way through this challenge.

  3. This is the first year I've done ICAD and it is SO much fun. I'm loving it.

    I love yours - so funny. And now you have me imagining you as a female Barney from How I Met Your Mother ;)

  4. I've appreciated all the others this week, and you've topped the week off nicely with your sunglasses and party animals.

  5. These are so awesome--love them all! Too cute!

  6. Gorgeous your sweet, funny illustrations! I had to grin at the 'buffalo wings' and 'ape-ricot.' brilliant!

  7. I will start polishing the crown now... it will take me about two months to get it clean... and I have to say that Phantom thinks you will do it no problem at all... Duders rules she says...xx

  8. You deserve a crown. I think you are incredible. I am loving your "doodles" on the index cards.

  9. I absolutely LOVE all of these whimsical drawings. My absolute favorite is the snail with the palette on his shell leaving a trail of color - priceless! Have a blessed weekend!


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