Saturday, August 7, 2010

Color Challenge: Week 1

During the month of August, I have decided to participate in Louise Gale's Creative Color Challenge. Each week, Louise gives us a new color to create with. As a participant, your palette is limited to to the chosen color plus black and white. This week's color was sunflower yellow.

When I was reading the description for this week's color, the song "You Are My Sunshine" immediately popped into my head. Since I love to play with words in my art, it seemed natural for "You" to become "Ewe". The mixed media painting above is the final result.

Limiting your color palette when you are used to having a rainbow at your fingertips is definitely a challenge. Even though the yellow made me a little nervous, it was actually a fun thing to do... I'm looking forward to finding out what next week's color is!


  1. Great job with the color challenge! I love the play on words you translated into the image, very creative.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. Adorable Kristin! I'm a big sheep fan!

    xoxo Valerie

  3. love this!! great interpretation :))

  4. so fun :) I love it! you did a really great job with it. one color is so intimidating, but sounds like a great challenge to get outside of your comfort box. i'll have to try this sometime.

  5. Kristin-
    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. Your piece is adorable. Great job.

  6. I can see these paintings of yours all framed and lined up on one wall, each single colour complimenting or contrasting with the next. If you continue with this idea throughout the challenge you'll have a lovely set.

    Again, great use of the colour, and I love the depth of the background. My favourite is the swirly wool as it breaks up the yellow (a distinctly difficult colour to work with) and contrasts with the angular star. And besides, they are great swirlies :D

    Thanks again for sharing.

    (with a wriggling yellow bubs in one hand)

  7. I've stumbled upon a couple of blogs that are doing this challenge. It's nice to see different interpretations of the colors.


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