Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sharing Some Kindness

I believe in the power of kindness. I believe that even the smallest acts can work wonders. I believe that something as simple as letting a car merge during rush hour, or a held door, or even just a smile from a stranger can change the course of a day.

I try to live a kind life... Volunteering my special talents when I can, leaving the occasional "anonymous" goodie on a doorstep... But I feel like I should be taking a more active role, making a more conscious effort to spread some love.

Last week (as if the universe was listening), in addition to sharing all sorts of artsy fabulousness, Kim Klassen put out a kindness challenge on her inspiration staycation blog. Through her blog, I also discovered kindness girl Patience Salgado and all of her "guerrilla goodness"... So much kindness you just can't help but smile and cry happy tears at the sheer joy of it all. The best part? Being kind, purposefully kind, is really so simple. Anyone can do it!

That very same night, as dreams of a kindness-filled world swirled through my head, my dear friend Zoe called to ask if I'd like to come over for dinner the following evening. Like to? I'd love to!
"Hello, Kristin. This is the universe calling. Here is a guerrilla kindness opportunity to get you started."

Zoe is not only my friend, she is a very talented artist who is also my former creative business partner of seven years. (The picture at the top of this post was taken in front of one of many murals we painted together.) Like so many of us creative types, Zoe suffers from artistic self-doubt. That is where the guerrilla kindness comes in...
with a pocket full of encouragement, a bottle of wine, and a batch of freshly baked cookies, I headed off to dinner at Zoe's house. Over the course of the evening, when her back was turned, or when she wasn't looking, or when I excused myself to use the bathroom, I hid the inspirational notes from my pocket throughout her house.
This is a photo I took of Zoe (I added the text). As you can see, she is already very gutsy - she just needs a reminder now and then.
It was exhilarating! As Patience says, "There is no selfless good deed but it doesn't really matter, the world needs it all..." And sure, it wasn't exactly true guerrilla kindness (when she finds the notes, she'll know where they came from). But, whatever it was it felt good, and hopefully the little pieces of reassurance boost Zoe's confidence and help send her soaring toward her dreams.


  1. Love the last photo and message. That just so needed for me now. Thank you for sharing. (p.s.thank you for the lovely comment on my blog too) xm

  2. you are a wonderful friend to have. I love all of that guerrilla. Call it what you will, it's still kindness that bubbles up from your soul.....

  3. whoops I meant geurrilla kindness, of course.

  4. So...ya left a bunch of litter, ALL OVER Zoe's house!

    Better get back over there and help her clean it up ... armed with a big batch of Margarita's and a hunk-filled chick flick, of course. (Now THAT'S Guerilla Kindness!)

  5. This is so sweet! What an amazing friend you are to give her these messages in a way that she'd appreciate and hopefully take to heart!

  6. what a wonderful friendship the two of you share-PRICELESS!

  7. so very awesome...you, the art, the kindness...can't wait to read more my new friend!

  8. Such a positive and uplifting post. You made me want to practice a little guerilla kindness of my own. I heard on the radio this week that spending money on other's has been proven to be better for us than spending on ourselves - it gives us a greater sense of well being apparently and you can understand why - it's all about sharing and delighting in that. Lovely thoughts. Thanks for SHARING!

  9. I would love to find all of those little notes in my house, what an awesome thing to do for a friend!

  10. This is such an inspiring post. And what a great idea to leave notes for your friend. I love that! You are making a difference for sure. I know what you mean about smiling at a stranger, letting someone merge, or holding a door. It ALL matters. Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog so I was able to find you! I'll check in often and am thrilled to have a new Flying Friend! Blessings!

  11. Wonderful post! My husband often hides little notes for me when I'm travelling - I'll find them under my socks, tucked in a book. Sometimes I don't find them until weeks after i've returned - but they're still so welcome, make me smile and feel hugged. It's a great gift you've given your friend. And I like being reminded to look for more opportunities around me to practice kindness. I believe in its value, and yet, I get busy and forget, so this was really helpful. And I love the pictures, especially of Zoe on the ladder!


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