Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Post Anxiety

Well, here I sit, staring at the computer equivalent of a blank first page...

The first page of a new sketchbook (or journal) always makes me a little bit nervous. I wish I could say I feel differently about my very first blog post... but I don't.

What should I write? Who is going to read this? Who is going to want to read this?

In my quest to create (or write) something meaningful... profound... perfect... I often find myself paralyzed by a fear of failure. Sometimes, I am embarrassed to admit, I give up. I take the easy way out and merely draw my logo on the first page. Or, sometimes, I turn it and skip the dreaded first page altogether.

Today, I am faced with an interesting challenge - I can't avoid my first blog post. I have to write something... and, truth be told, I want to write something.

Through this blog I hope to face my fears and replace my anxiety with the excitement of endless possibility. In other words, I need to change my perspective. It's time to get over the blank page blues. I may not always be eloquent, or profound, or even interesting... but that's okay. It's all part of the journey.

So, to my old scared self I say:

"Get over yourself Bloggy McBloggerson and just write something!"


  1. Hey Kristin! I just want to say a HUGE "Congratulations and Wooohoooo!" for taking that first step despite your fears :0)....i can sooo relate to EVERYTHING that you have written.I go through it pretty much everyday as i try and push my barriers that little bit wider on my own creative journey! It's pretty tricky!! But then the support out there I am finding is wonderful and awe inspiring and jet propells you that little bit further! i hope this helps propell you a tiny bit!! You DO write very eloquently. I look forward to reading more :0) XX Jenny

  2. Welcome to the blog world Kristin! I've only been doing it for about 3 months and I still often get that same scary feeling you describe before I do a new post. Push through the doubt! People will want to read your story no matter how well it may be written. I am so glad that we were able to connect! It's my favorite part of blogging, making new artsy and kindred friends. I will definitely come back often to follow along your journey. be blessed!!

  3. Ah you've written something, now the next post won't be so scarey:D Just be yourself, be honest, speak from the heart, post about what matters to you...above all else have patience, never loose hope & you will find your own lovely following:D Good Luck & congrats..your now a blogger, welcome to the blogosphere it can be a wonderful place:D

  4. Echo Echo Echo.....
    Starting to blog was one of the hardest things I ever did. Really. It took two full years of starts and stops to finally feel ok with it.
    Although I am still the
    Queen of TypeDeleteTypeDeleteTypeDelete

    It does get easier. Glad you're here.

  5. Welcome! You did great! Each time I post my heart beats a little faster just before hitting "publish". Love your banner and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I appreciate it!

  6. Love the Chuck Taylors! ; )

  7. Nice first post... welcome to blog world and enjoy your journey!


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