Saturday, August 21, 2010

Color Challenge: Week 3 (Livestock Love Lives On!)

When I heard this week's color was turquoise blue, my mind immediately went to one of the most famous monochromatic times in art history: Picasso's "blue period". Although the paintings created during that time were not in his well known cubist style, I wanted to use shapes to create that feel. I thought, what better way to do that than to use a drawing that has been making appearances in my artwork for years... "Picowsso"!

(copper and brass pin that I made in college)

And, as any good cerulean cow knows, it's never just 'moo', you always say 'bloo'!


  1. If your sister becomes an art teacher, you MUST let her wear that pin!

  2. Again you have come up with both a great concept and a classy execution. I love the cow, beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring work.

    (after a long day)

  3. Thanks for becoming follower of Little Bird. You must have found me through my friend Kelly. Love your blog...I will follow you too!

  4. haha! you did it again! brilliant :))

  5. Hi Kristen, its nice to meet you via The Creative Color Challenge! I really like your fun image of the cow and accompanying Picowsso! Have a lovely week :)

  6. I second Jeanette's comment. You did it again! Awesome! Beautiful and funny too!

  7. So happy to meet you, Kristin!! And your blog makes me happy as well :)

  8. This is adorable...just perfect for the colour challenge...wonderful job:D


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