Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 19 (30 in 30 for 30)

"Pinocchio"  8x10  acrylic on burned wood

For today's painting I decided to continue with another fairy tale theme.  Pinocchio seemed to lend itself to wood burning, and I thought it might be neat to let the wood show for his face, neck and long nose.

It's day 19 of AEDM over at the Creative Every Day blog, so be sure to stop by and see today's creations!


  1. looks great! i love him. love the wood showing through! xxoo

  2. Love it Kristin, he looks great, the painting on his face and nose looks so real and wood is hard to paint.

  3. What a great idea! I love the little detail with the leaf :) The wood makes such a lovely skin tone colour too! More than half way now!woohoo!...keep up the wonderful work :)

  4. That is really good. I like how you left the skin. Also the colour choice makes it seems bright and cheerful.

  5. I am a bit behind in my readings. This is lovely. I admire your creativity with different mediums. Wonderful perspective and color.


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