Friday, January 28, 2011

The Gnome Is Back...

Okay.  Here's the story...
I had a completely different post all written and ready to "publish" when I saw an email in my inbox that said that this week's Photo Friday challenge is "Travels".  Well, I just couldn't let that theme pass me by without sharing more gnome photos!

This is the photo where I made a spectacle of myself while taking it!

Here is another photo from Niagara Falls - I just love the rainbow in the background.

And a collage of some fun gnome photos for your viewing pleasure!

I have so many neat things I want to share with you, but my original post will have to wait for another day...

I will also be participating in One World One Heart.
(I have a fun giveaway planned for it!)

If you haven't heard of it be sure to check it out!


  1. hee hee toooo cute!!! Love these holiday snaps! I saw a movie the other day adverstised on tele. It would be right up your alley! 'Gnomeo and Juliet' it's an animated movie and it's about two different groups of Gnomes living next door to each other the reds and the blues. It looks really funny and cute and Elton John has made it and done the music!

  2. This guy gets around - He's so cute - Reminds me of the gnome in the movie 'Amelie'.

    Such a fun tradition you have here.


  3. Hi Kristin, Your gnome is a cutie and he seems to be well-traveled!
    Thank you for 'following' my blog-I'm glad to discover yours! you have some great stuff here-I'm going to look around some more.

  4. love your gnome shots. my daughters been carrying around a gnome also, we've had such fun with it. love your little gnome

  5. When my daughter dressed as a gnome last Halloween everyone kept asking her if she was the wife of the well known travel gnome! :-) Nice blog post! :-)


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