Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Sketchbook Project Meets Whimsical Wednesday

"If you weren't such a mess'd be home by now"

It's Whimsical Wednesday and I thought a gnome covered in paint would be a fun addition to the merriment!  (I'm thinking it has a little bit of a "Where's Waldo" vibe.  What do you think?)

And so the sketchbook project continues...  Today's page is based on Jackson Pollock's "Convergence":

(The theme for my sketchbook is "'d be home by now".  If you'd like to find out more about my inspiration, you can find it in this post.)

More gnomes to come...


  1. great job! i smiled when i read your reference to where's waldo. i use to love to watch the kids try to find him in their books when they were little.

  2. Oh yes, definitely waldo. I love Pollock - we (my kids and I) studied him this summer. that little gnome is perfectly in pollock style! I have to visit whimsical wednesday....xxoo

  3. Wow, this project of yours is just amazing. Such a cool idea and so EXPERTLY executed. If I wasn't already a fan of your work, I certainly would be now!

  4. Wonderful!!! Such a beautiful mess!(And such good camouflage for the gnome!)

  5. He is adorable and very Waldo like. Your book is certainly ambitious. I have two pages left then I can send it off.

  6. Oh I'm a big, big Gnome fan....and any place a gnome shall be is a happy place!

  7. fabulous - a wonderful addition to the play! Glad to have you stopping by.

  8. Very cool! I was so taken with the graffitti element that I lost sight of the gnome. Love the Pollock!


  9. OMG! laughing out loud! Are you printing copies of that?? I'd buy one from you right this instant!!!


  10. Happy New Year Kristin! I love these pages!!! and the little gnome. He was hiding. Too cute! I love the Jackson Pollock inspired painting. Very cool!


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