Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Almost There

"I Should Be Home By Now"

This is the final spread for my Sketchbook Project.   It is based on Roy Lichtenstein's "Forget It! Forget Me!" painting:

The remaining pages will be an index of the paintings I based my drawings and paintings on.  Today I'm working on the index, the title page, and last minute details.  So, (fingers crossed) with a whole day to spare, I will be mailing my moleskine to Brooklyn tomorrow!  Yee-ha!

(The theme for my sketchbook is "'d be home by now".  If you'd like to find out more about my inspiration, you can find it in this post.)


  1. Gosh! These are just tooooo amazing! This is the best sketchbook project evvvavvavavvarrrrrrr!

  2. Love it! A great finish to an awesome sketchbook!!

  3. Absolutely fabulous Kristin!!


    Yours is one amazing sketchbook project!

  4. Absolutely amazing :) I've so enjoyed your gnome takes on all these well known paintings..such a fantastic idea. The fact that you pulled off copies of "the masters" aswel with what looks like great ease is fairly mind blowing!!
    I hope you feel truly chuffed with yourself and are celebrating in style :)! I would be VERY reluctant to send it off and let all that wonderful work go!...I would be having a bit of a "tug of war" at the post office :)

  5. oh my this must feel GOOD!!!!!!

    seeing what you've done and the inspirations have been a blast for me.TOTAL FUN!


  6. Awesome project and collaboration and your pages are superb! I hope I get to see this display in the future. Thank you for sharing these glorious days! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Congratulations Kristin! I have loved seeing your pages and think your take on the original paintings have been fantastic! Well done! x

  8. By far, your project has been my favorite. I look forward, each day, to opening up my reader and discovering how you have re-invented one of the masters. And MY, how masterfully well done they are. I am amazed by these and how you so deftly capture the different media. You are inspiring my friend.

  9. Congratulation, you made the deadline and your sketchbook is awesome.

  10. O my goodness, I LOVE your art! I have really loved your your project. Amazing talent you have! ♥♥

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!

  11. Your sketchbook is wonderful! What an awesome job. Thanks for stoping by art n soul by deborah!
    Many Blessing, Deborah

  12. These are all so freakin' amazing Kristen! Is there a blogger Awesomest Sketchbook Award? I vote you. ;o)


  13. Congratulations Kristin! This is so fun! Using the gnome and famous artworks was pure inspiration! Priceless!

  14. Wow I've heard of this sketchbook project....your looks like an insane amount of work...isn't it going to be hard to giveaway?


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