Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Guessing Game

The beginning of my latest batch of cards for the Inspiration Deck.

My latest batch of inspirational quote cards are currently in need of faces and phrases...

These cards are all inspired by one person.
He is universally accepted as one of 
the greatest thinkers of all time.
Physically, he is relatively easy to recognize.

Any ideas who this "passionately curious" man might be?

One more hint:
It won't be the first time I'm drawing or painting him...
As a matter of fact, his genius eye peers out of the
top left corner of the header at the top of my blog.

**Be sure to stop back tomorrow to see who it is!**


  1. I agree, suspense!!! I have had to start a new blog, my old one crashed, I'm so glad to back! I have missed seeing your beautiful work!

  2. I'm guessing Einstein! Or a very wise owl. Oh what a fun guessing game, and I love how you did this! :)

  3. aimee, you are so smart.

    i think you're right!


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