Monday, October 22, 2012

More Thoughts On The Journey...

Cards for the Inspiration Deck

It's a life's journey
of finding ourselves,
finding our power,
and living for yourself,
not for everyone else.

-Mariska Hargitay

p.s.  It's "Blogtoberfest" and I'm posting everyday...  
Please be sure to come back tomorrow!


  1. Inspirational. Well, certainly we all have an end to journey towards, and if we can look back and feel that we did our best in the circumstances at the time, and have made the best we can out of the journey then that's as much as we can do. And it's the love along the way that matters.
    Very philosophical this morning - sorry. Your quotes got me going!

  2. I like the cards and the quote at the end of your post is so true! Love it


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