Tuesday, October 9, 2012

List It Tuesday: My-Head-Is-Swimming-With-All-Of-The-Stuff-I've-Got-To-Do Edition

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Aimee from artsyville...
Well, the amazing Aimee has brought back the very popular "List-It Tuesday"!  (Hooray!)  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to wrangle all of the projects that are currently swirling in my head and pulling me in a million different directions.  
(Plus, "I am a sucker for" lists!)

Projects For October:
(in no particular order)

* Finish the great big painting I started with Tyler
(I will definitely share pictures when it's finished, Dana.  Wheee!)
* Move my studio to it's new location
* Complete questions for a very fun interview
* (Finally) finish up the last 2 faces
* Finish up and mail out a card for a milestone birthday
(It's going to be quite belated, I'm afraid... 
I hope she took me up on my advice to celebrate a birthday month!)
* Work on my inspiration deck for the Inspirational Quote Deck Swap
*Continue working on my Exquisite Corpse Project
* Make more lists!

Well, since my neck is feeling much, much better 
(thank you for asking, Jenny), 
I am in fine form to finish up these projects... And, hopefully start a few new ones!

I'd love to know... What projects are you working on?

p.s.  It's "Blogtoberfest" and I'm posting everyday...  
Please be sure to come back tomorrow!


  1. that's an impressive list! In addition to hosting a bunch of swaps, I've been sucked into a wonderful group of mail art swappers and I can't seem to say no to each new idea. I absolutely love your joint painting with Tyler and can't wait to see more!

  2. Great list! The painting is beautiful! So glad you're a lister.
    I'm collage covering a journal, interviewing an artist for a story, writing, journaling, working and getting used to the cold all over again : )

  3. excellent list. thanks for the link, very kind. big painting looks super cool. excited to see it in the end. xx *

  4. Oh, I have to hang my head in shame. The trouble with being a Butterfly Mind is that I flit from one project to another without any pre-planning. Main focus really is trying to prepare a few blogposts in advance to tide me over a load of hospital appointments -for Dev, not me this time. By golly they do seem to take life over!
    We always say, Old Age is not for Cissies! (Is 'cissies an international word, or just UK?
    Do admire your energy for everything you do.

  5. Oh, I need a list like this, I'm swimming in things to do right now myself! Love your list.

  6. Oh, that title of your post is really speaking to me ;-)I have lists coming out of my ears! LOVE your painting, very original. Let's see : projects I'm working on ... trying to finish a selfpublished diary, making new sketches to make a new calendar, finish my painting and put some more layers on the other 6 paintings that are "in progress", finally finish my website, make a journalpage to send to PPF for an interview ☺, make more stuff for the Christmas markets, and, well, that's it for the creative stuff. Don't get me started on my other lists ...

  7. thanks for sharing your list with us Kristin! I am so happy you participated! I am just nuts over your drippy word paintings... I want these all over my house!

  8. Hey Kristin. Everything has endless possibilities. I agree with you with that one. Lists are fun to make. It makes life easier and a lot more organized.
    Eagan Fitness Center

  9. Love that colorful painting very much!You are so talented.
    Groetjes Anja

  10. Wow busy busy busy that would make my head spin, good luck with it all.

  11. The birthday month is in full swing baby... and as I type this your card is sitting on the desk beside me... just as it has even though I went to the post office twice last week... maybe I need to add doing it to the list...xx


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