Friday, October 5, 2012

Guess Who's The Featured Artist At The Paint Party Friday Blog...


EVA and I are currently waiting for more Paint Party Friday Featured Artist Submissions (*Hint*Hint*), so this week the partyers over at the PPF Blog are stuck with me.  
(Don't feel too bad - they were warned!  Ha!)

If you're interested in the interview, you can read it here.

(And if you're a PPFer - Please Please Please send in an interview... We really want to hear YOUR story!)

p.s.  It's "Blogtoberfest" and I'm posting everyday...  
Please be sure to come back tomorrow!


  1. Happy to be stuck with you and your wonderful fresh art!

  2. Even that paint can't hide how beautiful you are! I'll look over at the PPF Blog tomorrow.

  3. I sure don't mind being stuck with you and your wonderful art. The photo of you looks great, paint and all. ;0}

  4. Congratulations on your feature! Your work is beautiful. Blessings!

  5. I can think of lots worse people to be stuck with. You, I would happily hang out with in an elevator or stalled crosstown bus.

    Your new Exquisite Corpse enterprise looks fantastic, can't wait to see how that comes to life. Hahahaha...corpse...comes to life, can't believe I typed that.


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