Thursday, January 11, 2018

2018: 11/365

I spent most of my day working on a project that I can't share yet.  But, even when I'm busy working on one thing in particular, I always try to keep my eyes open for new and different things that might be a source of inspiration for a "rainy day".  Some say I'm easily distra... ooh, something shiny! ...cted,
but I say I'm just gathering resources.

While taking a break this afternoon, I looked out the window and saw the ice formation pictured above.  I was fascinated by the warped landscape created within the curves of the ice.  And, although I'm not sure what this photo will inspire, I know there is possibility trapped in that ice just waiting to be let out.  So, for now I will put it in a folder I keep on my computer labeled "inspiration".  Then, when the time is right and the icy idea has had time to thaw and percolate, I'll be ready.

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