Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018: 3/365

One thing leads to another...

abstract collage, 1-3-2018

Yesterday I shared pictures from (and art inspired by) my New Years Day adventure at frozen Niagara Falls.  After I wrote that post, I was inspired to look through some old family photos because I remembered that when my uncle was little, they "shut off" the American side of the falls.  I was very excited to find the photos I was looking for:

Niagara Falls, 1969 (American side "shut off", Canadian side still "on")

These photos lead to some loose drawing exercises for my
morning warm-up...

Techniques I used include:
- Contour drawing/ Blind contour drawing
- Non-dominant hand drawing
- One-liners

(I used one of today's drawings combined with yesterday's textured papers to create the abstract collage at the top of the post.)


  1. those photos are really neat to see :d dad had said they that american side had gotten turned off, really neat to see the rocks behind it.


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