Tuesday, January 16, 2018

2018: 16/365

Mr.Sketch Pinata

I love Mr.Sketch scented markers!  (Playing with them always reminds me of the best parts of my childhood.)  Today, while I was taking a break from the project I'm currently working on, I decided to have some fun and create a super sweet smelling pinata.

I've found that placing limits (like only using a certain type of marker)
can really help push my creativity and set the scene for
new inspiration and fresh ideas.  The markers bled through the cheap paper in the sketchbook I drew it in.  But...

Sometimes the things that aren't planned can provide the nicest surprises.


  1. The bleed through side looks beautiful, another perspective!

  2. I know what you mean about limiting choices as a way of enhancing creativity. I like to make art sets on Polyvore.com and when I was getting somewhat bored, I decided to choose a page number from my "items" catalog and then make a set using only items from that page. Some really cool sets emerged.

  3. they baned those markers at school lol afraid kids were getting high smelling them :p


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