Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playing with Papers: An Ornament

Last Friday, I shared "Mosaic Madness" collage papers for CareFREE Fridays!  (If you haven't already downloaded them, you can get them here.)  For this week's Playing with Papers I created an ornament for all seasons...

I started this project with a wooden heart that I purchased from my local craft store,  then printed out the red and light blue mosaic papers on cardstock.  (I printed the light blue on both sides of the paper.)

I painted the wooden heart red, cut out 2 wings from the double-sided light blue mosaic paper and 2 hearts from the red mosaic paper.  (I used the wooden heart as a template and traced it.)

I glued one of the paper hearts to the front of the wooden heart using mod podge.  Then I attached the wings to the back.  After the wings were in place, I glued the second heart  on top of them.

I gave both sides of the heart and wings a coat of mod podge to seal them.

When the mod podge was thoroughly dry, I applied paper glaze to each of the individual squares on the heart to add dimension.  (I started with the back side and let it dry overnight, then I did the front.)

After the heart was completely dry, I added an 18 gauge wire that I curved into a spiral hanger.

The final step was adding a ribbon to the hanger.

The result?  An ornament that is pretty enough to display all year long!

*This step-by-step process is intended for personal use only.*
Please do not sell this image or teach/post this tutorial as your own. 

It is totally okay to use the FREE collage papers to make your own unique images to sell. (I actually think that's pretty cool, and I'd love to see them!)

But, please do not sell re-creations of the image I've made.  (That's not cool.)

Please be sure to check back for more FREE collage papers (and ideas to go with them)!

The very talented Heather Foust is guest curator over at the Cresendoh blog this week, and I am honored to be one of her featured artists!  Please be sure to stop by!


  1. I love this ornament. You really do have a creative streak running through you. Quite impressive.

  2. This is so adorable. I love seeing what you do with your papers. Have a great week!

  3. Fabulous looking. I love how creative you are and not limited to just the 2nd dimension. This is such a fun looking project. Have an awesome day.

  4. Wonderful! I love how you added dimension with the glaze! :-)

  5. REally pretty! :) Great use of your papers. I love how shiny it looks.

  6. How clever! I love that paper glaze effect!

  7. What a fabulous ornament and so beautiful, Thank you for sharing this with us.

  8. i'm glad to see your warning and disclaimer to potential crooks and plifferers, kristin. i too love the paper glaze effect, another fab creation. what fun you have! now i am imagining your christmas tree. (are you christian?) i'll bet you've made a zillion ornaments.


  9. You come up with the best ideas

  10. This ornament is lovely and can totally see it on my tree that usually has different styles of hearts on it. Thank you for sharing and giving us a free pattern. :) Hugs

  11. This is so cute, I know I keep saying it but each week you keep amazing me with your creative talents!

  12. I must find some paper glaze. Loved this little ornament.


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